Friday, November 07, 2008

A little painting


Blaise Larmee said...


Andrei Molotiu said...

Care to elaborate?

troylloyd said...

i like the haze, the warmth, the solar quality -- my subjective processing put me inna mirage, tilting while walking toward the mountain, seeing the visible heat as aura, halfway to hallucinatory dreamtime -- for me, this painting would be great for the wintertime blues, maybe even better than one of those bright S.A.D. lights.

then scorpion, twitchy tail thru my ankle -- the picture morph'd to silhouette on deathbed, reclined 45° w/ longneck, & the nose, you see, & the lips, you see, & the black cloud of bodily death shadow to monkeymind, but the light, they say don't go toward the light!, however, the light is where we belong ultimately & yet again aura as energy ain't nothin' but energy & what whence life made of?