Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Introducing guest artist Alex Molotiu!!!



Alex's work has been published in the journal "Asemic," no. 5. He will celebrate his fourth birthday in late December.


w said...

He is GREAT!

Andrei Molotiu said...

On behalf of Alex, I thank you! He would thank you himself but a) he cannot write yet (let alone type) and b) he's too busy marching around the house singing the "Bob the Builder" theme song.

troylloyd said...

yes, it is great, w/ many elements one could write about, beginning w/ the choice of pink paper & dominant blue line drawings, how well it's mesh'd, how the blue vibrates off pink, & the jellyfish lower right, the red around diamond eye, the expressive stitching of yellow-ochre --- it's cool you posted this, i haven't really came across a blog or anything that shows alotta children's artwork, there's a special quality about it, it rings like bells in the ear, clear.