Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's official! Plus, museum show.

Since Amazon sez so!

Also, have I mentioned that I'm in this traveling show--Currently at the Krannert Art Museum in Urbana-Champaign, to move to Denver in January, and then other places too? Please come see it if you have a chance--you'll see all eight pages of the original art of "Exhibition to the Interior," a nice digital print of "The Panic," plus a super hi-tech 3-D version (with 3-D goggles included) of "Alcoholalia," my Maakies remix.

As to that "underrepresented" thing in the subtitle: I'm not sure experimental and gallery comics are "underrepresented" in the same way that women and minority artists were under (read: non) represented in the "Masters of American Comics" show, to which this one was conceived as a response--but hey, I'm grateful for the company, and companionship! By the way, try to get a hold of the catalogue--it's beautiful, really well designed, and there's a lot of my stuff in it. (It's not on Amazon. I know it's available from the museum, but I can't find a link, sorry.)

One more "by the way": I'll be at the Krannert this Saturday, for a panel discussion connected to the show. More info here.


Unknown said...

looking forward to hearing you this weekend. :)

troylloyd said...

it's official = AWESUM !!!

damn, the 3D experience sounds wild as all get out!

i have a 3D fetish, i got quite a few cheapie glasses saved from over the years -- do you remeber RayZone? he pubb'd alotta really good 3D comics -- that just got me thinking, has anyone ever tried a stereoscopic comic? that'd be pretty farout, the stereoscopic pictures from the turn of the century are pretty amazing.