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"Flow" by Paul Pereira

I received from Paul Pereira, who has recently been doing some pretty abstract comics, a poem based on my piece, "Flow":

Here it is:


The faces crawled down the wall
like an echo of the first sludge
yawning, constricted
primal lava memory

ocean tension
channeling the together
rushing forth into a human cycle
the first signs of anima

the skeletons picked and chose
the seers watch from the first of eyes

and they saw the holes in the faces
of caves in the skull of the mount

then the crevices of the gods opened
like the abysmal jaw extending
pulling into black hole

into the heart of the great egg
the seed of first lifeform

the point of no return
phoenix rising like the first moon

and with it
the monolith rose

the sleeping dragon stirred

guardians, toads, beetle, claws
archetypal activation

bringing forth the moth from flames

to greet the first man, whom they saw as fluid, serpentine gods.

Thanks, Paul!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Animation dump

As you can tell, I've been toying with animation lately. Here are a few silly exercises I've done in the last few days, that I may or may not get back to in the future to expand.

Trying to figure out what an animated abstract comic would be like. This is not it. But you can call it "The Cheetos Dance" if you wish.

Animated version of my remix of a page by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.

Oh, look, it goes round and round! I probably should have timed this to the beat of a trance track, then it would make more sense.

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Here is a non-animated version of same: