Monday, March 22, 2010

Original art for "Expedition to the Interior" in NeoIntegrity show at MoCCA

(cross-posted, more or less, with Abstract Comics)

I just got back from spring break in NYC, where I went to see the newly opened NeoIntegrity show (specifically, "NeoIntegrity: The Comics Edition"), curated by Keith Mayerson, at MoCCA. Despite MoCCA's tight confines, the show is huge, including 250 or so artists from Winsor McCay, Harvey Kurtzman and Jack Kirby to, well, me! Designed to foreground the closeness and areas of overlap between comics and the gallery art world, the show also includes sequential and cartoon work from artists such as Peter Halley, Carol Dunham, H.C. Westermann, and many others. (Here is a review of the first NeoIntegrity show, from 2007, which gives you a flavor of the curatorial approach.)

Here is the original art for my 2005 piece "Expedition to the Interior," right under Kirby!

In the second picture you can also see, in the same row as the two top Kirbys, a Dr. Seuss cartoon; and, oh yeah, in the case next to them, those are puppets by Tim Burton for "Corpse Bride." Around the corner are a piece by Gary Panter and, above it, some drawings of Wild Things by Maurice Sendak. Nice company to be in!

Friday, March 12, 2010


So I found myself sitting with a copy of my book Nautilus and a box of markers. This is what happened...


first page of 24 x 24:

front endpaper:

Back cover--you will notice this isn't quite finished. The cover is quite glossy, and the marker ink is not so much setting in as hardening into sticky goo... I may have to rethink this: