Friday, February 13, 2009



troylloyd said...

hey, these close-ups are coola!

it's amazing what a hard substance ink becomes, how it settles & forms & fills in the space -- markmaking w/ ashes sooty from flame, to touch that inky depth defined by whitespace & aligned by brainlace, my fingertips want to run the ridges of this topography & close lids for the takeaway -- these images are seefeelers transmitting a tactile rush brushing lashes to blink blinks as absorptive as any dark vividity thru convergence reflex focus'd on focus & fusional in fixation -- pupillary diameters wider & wider, lampblack to glue & gum an ecstasy of the coverings.

...looking for an article or book by Li Hsiao-mei, entitled "MO
P'u Fa Shih" (Handbook of ink recipes and inkmakers), in Mei Shu
Ts'ung Shu, published by Yee-wen, in Taipei, in 1947.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a dark series in all senses. A Blot/Abstract Molotiu series related to Goya's Black paintings?