Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mississauga, Ontario (barely transformed)


And detail:


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Anonymous said...

i'm struck with how closely the mapped image resembles a scriptive typography.

the grid nearly becomes ungridded :
off-hinge to self-signifiers actually carved in earth, paved ways to roundabout, a distinct locale lived in and life of.

cars, they drive.
streets equal asphalt, the top goes to bottom.

turn left here.

voice prompt.

mappings most surface, the world is still yet unknown.

in particular, i absolutely love with all lovings that detail shot.

never have i seen a digital process of image-making so such organic.

is it a digital process involved in manipulating the imagery?

i also dig the warmth of your color choice, i dunno if you slightly modified or accepted as is the color scheme, but regardless, it makes Mississauga a solar warm eye vitamin.