Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The mini

This is the mini I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I printed the covers in a variety of color schemes (back cover at the top of the photo, front cover at the bottom. The title, as you can see, is asemic):


At MoCCA I gave away or traded all the copies I had brought with me. It's a limited edition of 50. I will finish printing the run this weekend. After I send their copies to the ten people who wrote me (following my previous post on this subject), and after a few more reserved for friends, I figure I will have exactly four copies left--which I fully intend to sell for an exorbitant amount of money.

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troylloyd said...

you will soon have a vintage
Rolls Royce,

it will be the one Ed Ruscha
used to drive around,

via Bookride:

Edward Ruscha, Patrick Blackwell & Mason Williams. ROYAL ROAD TEST. Los Angeles, 1967.

Current Selling Prices

I first saw Ruscha's work when staying in L.A. in 1975. Some friends were renting a studio from the artist on Western Avenue and Sunset. I never saw him but there were a few of his little artist's books kicking around and occasionally one saw his Rolls Royce --a late 1950s Burke's Law job with the USA plates over the British plates which was the Los Angeles style of the time. The books were amusing and stylish - conceptual art that also seemed to mock conceptual art. I have read since that Ruscha is a fan of Duchamp. Most people know his gas station and parking lot books and, of course, his 1966 'Every Building on the Sunset Strip' but 'Royal Road Test', a collaborative effort is less celebrated and possibly more interesting.