Saturday, May 28, 2011

A sequence

On Monday I posted this four-page piece on Abstract Comics. I then meant to post the original art for it here, but we had a bad storm, tornado warnings, and a tree that fell on a power line, causing us to lose electricity for a day and a half. We've had a couple more blackouts since--I think the power company's infrastructure took quite a beating--but now the juice is back up and--cross my fingers--looks like it is so for good (or at least until the next thunderstorm).

Anyway, here is the art. In a Japanese (but made in China) spiral sketchbook, 162 x 225mm. I had sixteen blank pages left in it, and so I decided I would draw a sixteen-page sequence, each image building up on or somehow following on the previous ones. So it was basically an abstract comic drawn straight, with no pre-planning whatsoever, something I haven't done in a good long time. My other "constraint" was that I had to draw four pages a day, every day--which is what I did, from May 12 to May 15. A few days later I went through the whole book, adding small elements here and there to make it flow better, and I added a cover drawing. I also tore out all the unrelated pages (it was only a 20-page notebook to begin with), so now it's kind of like a little artist's book, I guess.

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A. T. Pratt said...

very cool stuff!