Wednesday, April 08, 2009


A "remix" of Bruce Conner's "Totem Time in Dreamland":

Here is a first version, which I first posted here, with a bit of explanation:

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troylloyd said...

so this would be a reremix?

i really like it, amazing how it's exactly the same yet exactly different -- the reremix reads as almost totally distinct from the original, stunning i must say.

i like your procedural aesthetic, the transmogrification, transformation & transmigrations you can achieve by processing the same material -- it could be tied in to post-info modernist merge remix culture, of course, but also traced back to ancient sociological mythical impulses as well, which is intriguing.

to say this would be a great mini is an understatement, i think it'd be excellent, perhaps inna ourobourous format, beginning w/ the original & also ending there, but between would lie all the altering alterations -- it'd be like a totemic meditation.