Friday, April 03, 2009

New blog and show

To celebrate the imminent arrival of "Abstract Comics: The Anthology" I've started a new group blog dedicated to all things abstract comics. Please check it out:

There I posted the ensemble view of my colored versions of the 24 x 24 pages, which will be exhibited at ArtLexis beginning Monday. I'll post it here too:

And if you want to see the color choices without the distraction of all those pesky panels and shapes, here they are:

Keep in mind that on the wall they will be all in one row, and if I ever publish them in color in book form you would only get to see two colors at a time, or maybe even just one.

1 comment:

troylloyd said...

jawdroppingly moisteyed

is there any possibility of a large poster repro being made of this?

that'd be excellent to cover an expanse of wall with.

& if you could get a few made up, by Thor's hammer, if you had them made up w/ screenprinting & that beautiful matte ink, it'd be a wonderful thing.

i'd buy one fersure!