Friday, October 10, 2008

The Brain Trust redrawn

[click for larger image]

24" x 19", ink on paper (the margins are wider in the original)

Drawn entirely* with a Winsor & Newton Cotman no. 2 brush, which, dammit, works better than my much more expensive series 7.

*well, except for some of the larger expanses of black, where I used an older beat-up brush

compare: the digital original

see also: part of the same project and brief explanation of the process

While I'm making book announcements, I should point out that "24 x 24: A Vague Epic," on which these hand-redrawings/completions are based, will be printed in my book "Nautilus," coming this spring from Danish publisher Fahrenheit.


troylloyd said...

tuft of brush rustle,
kolinsky snaptail,

beautiful brushwork Andrei, i would have like to see a detail as you posted on Arcana, that close upness looked good & The Brain Trust has lotsa little intricacies -- in fact, it so dense & rich, i think a series of upclose details would further morph it into metanarrative, all the way down to the particles bumping into one another, subatomic in fiber as ink onto paper.

-- & speaking of ink, what is your preference of ink type/brand?

about Nautilis, is this the correct
Fahrenheit ?

will the book be distributed here in usa? or available directly from you?

Andrei Molotiu said...

Your wish is my command!

That's the correct Nautilus, all right. We're trying to find distribution in the US--stay tuned for news.

As for ink, I use Rapidograph ink even with brushes and dip pens. I usually let it dry up/condense a little before using it.