Thursday, March 20, 2008

Arcana I (re)drawing

19 x 24, ink on paper. Compare.


And detail:


Redrawn by hand based on the digital original.

In case you're wondering, the original Arcana I was based on an ink drawing that I scanned in, then completely recut and re-arranged digitally. Here the redrawing allows me to cover up the seams and present a seemingly whole image that is really still a (clandestine) collage.


Mark Staff Brandl said...

That is really beautiful, AM! I like the dialectic/dialogue of hand-drawn-to-digital-to hand-drawn.

Luke P. said...

Cool stuff.
If you ever feel like it, Andrei, you're invited to join the artblog. It's just a fun thing.
Lemme know-
email me at LukePski (at) Gmail (dot) com
also- Sorry for being a dick to you a couple of years back.
-Luke Przybylski