Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toward a new "24 x 24"

As I mentioned in my last post, I seem to be continuing to work in the "24 x 24" format. Here, gathered together, are the strips I have so far that might go into a "24 x 24" part II. In order:
"You Shall Become a Part of Your New Moon," "Explosion"
"Just So Story," "Betty's Walk"
"Amoebas 2," "Imbroglio"
"Greenhouse" 1 and 2
"Fossil Flood" 1 and 2
I'm only showing them side by side to get a sense of the work so far; in the final version most of them will be probably paired with other pieces. By the way, I'm not planning to work on this in a concerted manner currently--I am focusing on other projects, but I know this format so well that every once in a while I just find myself making one of these pages. I think I'll let it grow organically, rather than push it.

"Betty's Walk," above, is of course the black and white portion of the color "Betty's Walk." Also in similar format, but impossible to convert to black and white, is "Blue Growth 2":

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