Friday, April 03, 2009

Take a rock and make it complicated

or, fifteen minutes in Photoshop. Based on a suggestion on a message board by a fellow whose name I now forget (the entirety of his suggestion is in the title of this post), who also provided the picture of the rock.

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troylloyd said...

i was gonna comment on this earlier, but neglected to do so.

when i look at this sequence, The Fall refrain "rock the records, rock rock the records" goes thru my head.

i just wanted to say how much i enjoy scrolling down thru this, get some crazy optical movements goin' on

& also reminds me how badly i need to get p-shop

one amazing aspect, in my book, is how you brought out the "talk" of the rock, you've heard of talking rocks, right? well you really didda archeo-artistic number on this rock, who knows how long ago it formed? it contains language & you found it thru proper excavation, so to speak.

it fits in multiple genres: asemic, abstract comix, vispo, photography, paleolinguistics, & acid art!

= )